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Your Silk Gel Nail Pen Kit allows you to create & mix your own personal Gel Nail colours.

Silk have a starting range of 120 colours, however you can mix up to 16.000 shades! 

Natural Nails & Nail extensions, we have you covered! Oh and don’t forget your toes!


  • You can choose from the 120 standard Silk colours or create & mix your own custom colours
  • Each Gel Nail pen dispenses 250 nails (that’s 1,250 Nails per kit =125 sets of 10 Nails/Toe nails = $5,000* Gel Nail painting value)
  • 24 months shelf life and then 18 months from opening
  • Change your colour to match your mood & outfit
  • No expensive visits to the salons
  • Easy touch ups ‘on the go’
  • No clogging or drying of brush
  • No clogging or drying of the Pen
  • Quick 2 min dry time
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Easy to apply
  • 7-14+ day wear
  • Vegan Gel
  • Perfect for a Pamper Night for you, your family & friends
  • No smell or normal polish odour
  • No prep coat
  • No top coat
  • Apply to Toe Nails as well as Finger Nails
  • Each item can be purchased individually for top ups
  • High gloss finish
  • Can be used in a Professional Salon or for your own personal use



Kit Includes:

5 Silk Gel Nail Pens – Each Pen dispenses enough to cover.. 250 nails
You need all 5 Silk Gel Nail Pens to create the Silk 120 Standard Gel polish colours, of course you can use as many combinations of pen colours as you wish to create your own colours!

36W UV LED Gel Nail Lamp
The Silk UV LED Gel nail Lamp is a handy size for home or on the go!

Silk Argan Nail & Cuticle Oil
Silk Oil of Morocco’s Argan Vegan Nail & Cuticle Oil assists in softening and moisturising cuticles whilst offering hydration to dry, brittle nails. A luxurious salon quality treatment enriched with a blend of nourishing oils, Vitamin E and Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil which is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly and leaves a subtle lavender aroma.

Silk Vegan Nail Mixing & Applicator Brushes
We have included two in your kit so you can enjoy painting your Nails/Toe Nails with your family, friends or you can mix two different colours at the same time

Silk Rose Gold (glass) Mixing Plates
Two in your kit for a friend to join in the fun

Silk 7-in-1 Nail File
The Silk 7-in-1 Nail File is the perfect way to prep your nails before you begin

Silk Toe Separator
The Silk White Toe Separators will help make your pedicures a breeze.
Toe Separators help your toes and fingers from bumping & rubbing together while painting and curing.
These Toe Separators are made from a lightweight flexible foam, that will keep your toes apart.

100x Silk Gel Nail Cleanser Pads
There are 100 Pads included in your kit. The Silk Gel Nail Cleansing Pads will clean and prepare the Nail surface allowing for better gel bonding. Use your Gel Nail Cleansing Pad over the full surface of your nails paying attention to the nail surface closest to your cuticle and down the side walls, also making sure you clean out any dust that tucks under the free edge of the nail.

100 Silk Gel Nail Remover Pads
There are 100 Pads included in your Kit. The Silk Gel Nail Remover Pads are easy to use and should only be used on Natural Nails. 
Please do not use these pads on Acrylic Nails as these pads may weaken the finger edges of the Acrylic. Please only file Acrylic nails for removal of Gel colour.

Silk Cuticle Stick
The Silk cuticle stick is great for gently pushing your cuticles back.
The main reason to push overgrown (lazy) cuticles back is to create a neater cuticle edge so you can prep the new nail surface properly thus removing anything that would inhibit the bond of your Gel Polish.
If you do decide to push them back, you should do so gently and with proper care so as not to leave an opening for bacteria or infection. NEVER CUT your Cuticles.
Holding the stick at an angle, carefully push the cuticle all the way into the corner, and gently work your way up the sides of your nail. This will help loosen any dirt and prevent ingrowing nails. It may help you have more control over the stick if you use circular motions as you move across the nail.
The Cuticle stick in your kit can also be used to remove any old nail gel/varnish after you have used the Gel remover pads.

Silk Absorbent Brush Mat
We have included a Silk Absorbent Brush Mat for you to use to protect your table or surface where you are mixing and applying the Gel to your nails. Use plastic side down. Reusable.

Silk Nail Clippers
The Silk Nail Clipper is a handy to use tool!
Rose gold, light weight and easy to use!
Concave and a great size for Finger and Toe nails.

Silk Gel Nail Pen Mixing & Dispensing Colour Guide Booklet
We have included an ‘easy to use” Colour Mixing & Dispensing guide booklet for the Silk Oil of Morocco 120 Gel Nail Polish Standard colours.
Don’t forget you can mix 1000’s of your own colours!




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