These Eyelash Extensions Tools are perfect to help you when lashing. 

Some of the products can also be sold in your salon with an amazing mark up. 

HydroGel Eye Pads-HydroGel Eye Pads-Lash Tribe
HydroGel Eye Pads
from $7.50
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Cleansing Brushes-Lash Tribe
Cleansing Brushes
from $2.97
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Aluminum Foil Glue Stickers-glue stickers-Lash Tribe
Aluminum Foil Glue Stickers
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Silicone Mascara Wands-Silicone Mascara Wands-Lash Tribe
Silicone Mascara Wands
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Lash Glue Stickers-Lash Tribe
Lash Glue Stickers
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Glue Wells-Glue Wells-Lash Tribe
Glue Wells
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Scotch Clear Mounting Squares-Lash Tribe
Scotch Clear Mounting Squares
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Nexcare Sensitive Tape-Lash Tribe
Nexcare Sensitive Tape
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Glue Holder Pallets-Lash Tribe
Glue Holder Pallets
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Gold Collagen Lip Masks-Lash Tribe
Gold Collagen Lip Masks
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