Beginners Eyelash Extension Training | 2 Day Lash Course in Brisbane | Lash Tribe

Beginners Eyelash Extension Training | 2 Day Lash Course in Brisbane | Lash Tribe

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Our Trainings are perfect for you if:

  • Would like to be their own boss and choose your own hours
  • Would like to work in the beauty industry
  • Would like to work from home Would like to open a small shop
  • Would like flexible hours
  • Would like to run their own small business with the potential to grow it to something much bigger (extra business courses are available)
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Are open to learning in a small group setting
  • Never had former training or had other lash training in the past that wasn't all that detailed and needed some extra support

All of our courses come with hands-on practice on models

20% Discount for life on all Lash Tribe professional Products

What's included

  • Classic & pre-made fan
  • Lash Application Kit valued at $600
  • 1 NALA Accredited Certification
  • 20% off all Lash Tribe Products for life
  • 24/7 on-demand access to our online learning platform
  • VIP Support Group
  • Lunch
  • 2 LIVE Models

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Want to start your own Lash Business?

Become A Certified Lash Artist

We have helped thousands of students worldwide to start and grow their own lash businesses since 2016.

Being in Lash Artist herself since 2010, and a Trainer since 2016, Julia Mann, the Founder of Lash Tribe is a Multi-Award Winning Lash Trainer and Business Coach.

Our Training is NALA Accredited and fully insurable.


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Launch A Successful Lash Business

ASK YOURSELF: Why do you truly want to become a Lash Artist?

Do you want to be your own boss? Support your Life Style,

Leave your 9-5pm to pick your own hours &work on your own terms?

Or simply earn a little extra on the side for some fun things to buy?

Whatever your plan is, know that "just" being good at lashes won't automatically fill your bank account. It won't get you booked out. And that's cool. I mean, most Lash Artists are not marketers when they are starting out.

And this is where our we come in and where our Training is very different from the rest.


Lashes | Business | Branding

The 2 Day Classic Fundamentals covers the application of classic and hybrid lashes.

✔️ We offer a Pre-course Training which you will complete at home before you visit us in person.

✔️ During your 2 Days Training you will work on 2 models with lots of hands-on practice

✔️ Over 27 lash and styling lessons will be covered (for an in depth lesson plan, please download our Info Pack)


We are Internationally NALA accredited

✔️ When you have finished your training you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which will enable you to start working right away.

✔️ You will also be able to get insurance.

✔️ We don't just hand out certificates left, right and centre: Receiving a Lash Tribe Certificates is one of the highest accolades a lash professional can earn.

✔️ NALA Accreditation is industry recognized world-wide.


The Lash Tribe Family

✔️ When you do a course with us, you don't just do it, go home and leave you to your own devices. You will be part of our family.

✔️ You will be part of the largest network of successful lash artists worldwide with amazing support.

✔️ 24/7 on demand FB Group, as well as life-time support.

✔️We like to keep our students accountable and well supported from start to finish.


The Lash Tribe Difference

Becoming a successful and fully booked lash artist is about being able to run a profitable business, knowing about social media marketing, making a name for yourself and have clients return time and time again.

Sure, throughout the last few years we have created many award winning lash stylists but this is not enough to make a living.

This is why, if you are part of the Lash Tribe family, we will not only teach you how to create stunning Instagram-Worthy lashes but also how to create a sustainable and profitable business.

So that you can support yourself, your family and create the life-style you desire.

Students work


New as well as existing lash artists.

✔️ Our Classic Course is perfect for girls and boys who:

✔️ Would like to be their own boss

✔️ Would like to work in the beauty Industry

✔️Would like to work from home

✔️Would like to open a small shop

✔️Would like flexible hours

✔️Would like to run their own small business with the potential to grow it to something much bigger

✔️Have an eye for detail

✔️Are open to learn in a small group setting

✔️Had other lash training in the past that wasn’t all that detailed and need some extra support

Yes. We offer 6,9 and 12 months payment plans via several payment plan providers, such as :




At the time of booking/checkout you can select your chosen provider OR pay a deposit with us and then organise a provider afterwards.

Of course you can also choose to pay in full and will save around 10% when doing so.

What IS NOT should be the question :-)

✔️Pre-Study Home Course

✔️Mindset Work

✔️Your Lash Kit and Product Knowledge.

✔️Diameters, Length and Curls of lashes

✔️Lash Health Levels & how to recognize them

✔️Setting up your work area

✔️Different Types of Tweezers, how to hold and care for them

✔️The use of different types of under eye pads and tape

✔️Lash Tile Set up

✔️Isolation and Single Lash Pick up

✔️Dipping the perfect amount every single time

✔️Single Lash Application on sponges and a practice head·

✔️The application of Classic,& Hybrid Lashes

✔️2x Live Models

✔️Practicing Attachment

✔️Directional work

✔️How to cleanse the lashes before & after application

✔️Eye Shapes and Styling and how curls/lengths apply

✔️How to draw the perfect “Mapping“

✔️In depth Consultation practice

✔️Lash Tribe “Methodical Application” for speed, precision and balance

✔️How to avoid and check for stickies

✔️Product recommendations for clients for a good aftercare and long lasting lashes

✔️How to take stunning Photos for social media

✔️4 Removal Techniques

✔️ 2 Full Days at Lash Tribe

✔️FULL Classic Kit & Workbook

✔️Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Snacks

✔️Ongoing support via FB Group & Email

✔️20% off Lash Tribe Shop for Life

✔️Full Online Course

✔️Certificate of completion (upon completion of 3 case studies).

You will receive all Online Course perks PLUS:

✔️190 page, full colour, interactive workbook.

✔️Intimate 2 days in-class learning

✔️Meet Julia Mann at lash Tribe HQ

✔️Network with other lash techs

✔️Ask questions live in class

✔️Classroom practice on 2 models

✔️In-class games and challenges

✔️Your application reviewed by instructor for feedback

✔️Class photo opportunity

✔️Lunch & After Class Drinks

✔️Come back for 1 support model day within 12 weeks.

You will be a Lash Tribe Certified Lash Artist.

The only way you can call yourself a "nationally" recognized Artist is to do vocational training, which RTO's offer. This unit of competency is called "Learn and apply eyelash extensions".

The RTO government Lash Courses are very basic and don't even 1/3 of what we cover.

Most students opt to do our training and then apply for RPL after. (Recognition to prior learning, which we can help you with).

This process ensures you get quality training AND your national certification.

At the end of Day 2, you will receive a "Certificate of Attendance"for the theory portion of the course.

The application for the Lash tribe certification of Completion requires you to send in 3 case studies.

Once you have passed, you will be given your own unique Lash Tribe Artist Logo.


Lash Tribe Certification of Completion is never guaranteed, it must be earned.

BUT, if you are not successful on your first attempt a Lash Tribe team member will work with you to help you get your work up to standards.

Students must be prepared to make changes to their work and listen to our feedback in order to meet LASH TRIBE Standards.

After you have attended our course, you will go home and practice.

You can book another support day (4hours) within 12 weeks.

During this day, you will work on 1 model and Julia will give you feedback.

This model may be counted towards your case studies if satisfactory.

With your 20% student discount code, you can purchase all of your products from this website.

We constantly update our products and offerings to be the best on the market.

Not just "another" course...


a table with Lash Tribe's Classic Beginners Fundamentals | Online Eyelash Extension Course and a mannequin.



"My one on one training with Julia was very informative & in depth, highly recommend! I feel confident to move forward with building my career."

Helen Juides

There is a right and wrong way to do lash extensions as I have found out being a consumer!
If you want to learn the correct way to start your new career off then you definitely need to enrol with Julia!
After a few intensive days training I feel confident and excited to start on my own😊

Sonia Price

All I can say is, thank god for Lash Tribe and Julia Mann! After countless days upon days of research I decided upon this course (a massive step for me as I come from a safety mining background). I arrived so nervous everyday and despite my nerves, my crying meltdowns and “I can’t do this” moments I can definitely say I left with the knowledge AND the confidence I need to become a great lash artist. If you are on the fence about choosing the 5 day course over another company offering a 2 day or even a 1 day course. I say DO THE 5 day with Lash tribe. I personally feel that having the extra days and working on real models provided me a one up to get started on lashing for when I get back home. The quality and level of information I have left with including the online course and manuals has really showed me that Julia genuinely cares about her students and how she wants the best possible outcome for them. Something I didn’t expect from the course at all. I can’t wait to get out there and produce some lovely sets for lovely people. ♥️♥️

Sheila Heaton

I recently completed the beginners eyelash extension course at the Lash Tribe Academy and could not have been happier with the course. Julia has created a program that exceeded all of my expectations. I feel excited to put my new knowledge to use. I could not recommend Lash tribes training enough. Thank you Julia!

Cassidi Lippins

I started my lash journey from Lash Tribe, 2 years ago. I became the lash artist that i want to be. I now own 2 businesses and have won 17 awards from international and local lash competitions.

I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't took Julia's course. I took all her courses from the beginning - classics til mega volume and even business courses! I absolutely love them all. It helped me a lot and turned me in to something I never expected I can become. It's not just the course, it's also because I have a good trainer and mentor who supported me since the beginning until now and that was Julia Mann.

If you are looking to start your own business and have love for lashes, this is where you begin! Make your money worth it. Invest with the best! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paola Darcera