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Game Changer!

Since switching to Aqua Drops I've seen a lot more consistency with our hybrid brow stain clients. I love using it post lamination also as the bond builder helps to maintain the integrity of the natural brows.

Best glue out there!

The only glue I use and will stay using loved the 2 for 60

I’m very happy with my kit but I just realised I didn’t receive the white lift tool 🥴

Not really happy

To be honest there are a couple of things I’m not happy with
- They constantly slide down off my face
- The light is too high (I almost have to put my chin on my chest for it to be in the right place) and you can’t adjust it
- The light definitely is not strong enough
I have a different pair that kinda hurts behind my ear but I will continue to use these because I can adjust the lamp and the strength of light

Easy to use & makes such a difference!!!🤭

Ultra rapid black adhesive

Best adhesive I have ever purchased!

Recommend this!

I totally recommend the bundle deal than just buying the glue once, able to stock up on equipment at a lower price rate, so worth it!

Quality tweezers

These tweezers are well made. The foot is smaller than I anticipated, and I’ve had a few fans fall apart upon pick up. But I’m overall pleased with this purchase.


These do not work at all unless u have what your looking at 2 cm away from your face.
Ans then when telling the company they are crap they wanted me to pay for them to be shipped back..
Hows about u stop ripping people off..


The products arrived after about a month, but the shape of the packaging was really good and kept the items during the shipment. Thank you very much for the gifts

The products arrived after about a month, but the shape of the packaging was really good and kept the items during the shipment. Thank you very much for the gifts

Very happy

So much lighter and doesn’t slip down my face. The light is awesome.

I ordered the Elleebana the brow and the lash kit and I'm so happy with it.
It arrived at the same day and I'm looking forward to order more products .
Highly recommend

Ultra rapid adhesive

I have tried a few different adhesives now and this is by far my absolute favourite, I will not buy any other glue! Highly recommend

Love it

Easy and very convenient to use.
I would recommend this product.

Was a good one It sticks very quickly.

Curved tweezers Volume Master

Love this tweezers. I dropped my favorite Dumont tweezers so looking for a replacement. Although they are not original dumont but same shape . They work well and thats the main thing !

Amazing and easy to use!

Amazing adhesive, works fast, doesn’t dry to quickly and is proven great retention so far!


I love Julia’s lashes I always buy .03. They fan like butter they are so beautiful and soft. If you haven’t tried them yet I would definitely get some today. They are beautiful and give a stunning look on clients.

Great for quicker techs

Loved this glue. I’ve tried a few glues over the years of lashing and love the way this glue just magnetises the lash extensions to the natural lash. Retention is also great


Won’t stay on my head

Lash Tribe Ultra Rapid Black Adhesive

I have been using this amazing glue since i started lashing i try new glues but always come ack to this amazing glue its the best glue i have had thee retention is mind blowing .

love it , go try it today !

Mini Mystery Eyelash Extension Box, this box is full of surprises. I LOVED it so much what you get each time is something new i get one each time i buy there amazing glue i am obsessed .

Not bad, are ya?

Pretty happy with this glue. Retention is pretty good. Stick time awesome.