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Lash tribe is amazing! I love all their products, high quality. Amazing prices!!

Production okay but you'll get spammed with emails

Got several unsolicited advertising emails but e.g. no info on Shoppingcenter. Super annoying abd just pushy, put me off ordering here again. I wanted to buy a production and not receive your lash spam every day.

We are sorry you don't like our emails. We always strive to give as much valuable content and free tips and training as possible. You can simply unsubscribe to our emails, right on the bottom of each email. Simply click on the word 'unsubscribe'.

100% recommended product

I am happy with the results of this wonderful product, as a lash trainer I am always looking for the best products that meet the most important points which are quick drying, low vapors, retention and above all that they can be used in all types of humidity ranges and temperature, this product meets all the points mentioned above, in addition to being fantastic to work with, my clients return happy commenting that the retention of the product is perfect I recommend it 100%.

Thank you so much for this thourough review! It means a lot!

I'm so happy with the products I will definitely be buying more when I need to restock

NANO FIBRE tweezers

These are amazing at picking up and placing volume lashes with ease. making application time faster with less breakage of the fans.

Elleebana lash lift adhesive

Squeeze tube is easy to use and it is very strong lash lifting adhesive.

Beautiful Lashes

I really like that sample tray hoping i will order more in future

Lash growth serum

Best one on market

Very beneficial for seeing my very fine needlework
Thankyou so much


Holy cow! THAT is an amazing stain right there!

Tweezers and steriliser review

I haven't used the product yet. It will be used next month


Exactly what I wanted. Excellent service. (Loved the sour lollies included too 😀)

Very happy with my lash lift kit.

Ppp tweezers I’ve b. used and after 7 years in this business I will never use another r

I absolutely LOVE Them. My favourite go to every single time

Thank you! I love them the most as well! I might even like them better than 'Julia's Faves' which is funny !

Microfoam Eye Pads
Tracy North
Love these pads

These pads are great for people who flutter as they sick unlike the ordinary eye pads 10/10

Lash & Brow Lamination Kits |Elleebana Elleeplex Profusion Pro Kits

Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift Kit | Lash Lift System Starter Kit

Glam lash tile

Tile is a great size, strips stick well, although a little too well sometimes as the sticky bit of the strips stay on the tile which is a bit annoying so more work to scratch it off. The tile also has a gloss finish which I find a bit hard when overhead lights reflect on it.

Thank you for your feedback :-) We recommend to use lashes that have the foil backing. This way nothing sticks are there is no need to scratch anything off. A matte tile would be indeed amazing! We are working on it :-)

Good product

Good product

Lash Tribe® Cream Remover

Ultra Rapid *****

Glue works exactly as per description, in variety of temperatures. Definitely worth buying.

YAY! I am so glad you love it ! Julia

WHOLESALE - Aftercare Elleeplex
Pamela Nash

Good service fast and efficient

Amazing quality!!

Extremely impressed with the ultra speed fans, I used the 3D 0.7 on a client for a natural light volume set and they were so easy to work with! They came off the strip so easily without falling apart. The pointy bases made application look seamless and attach to the lash beautifully, (compared to others that I have tried that had very wide flat bases.) Highly recommend these promade fans to anyone that is after the best quality fans for their clients!

Thank you so much for your feedback ! It means a lot, because all the points you mentioned are exactly what I have been trying to achieve with these fans !