Isolation Tweezers

All of the Isolation Tweezers are hand-tested and 100% passed before shipping. Nice and sharp tips for perfect Isolation.
"The Swan" Angled Isolation Tweezers-"The Swan" Angled Isolation Tweezers-Lash Tribe
"The Swan" Angled Isolation Tweezers
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Classic Isolation Tweezer-Classic Isolation Tweezer-Lash Tribe
Classic Isolation Tweezer
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Classic Duo-Classic Duo-Lash Tribe
Classic Duo
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Color Case
Angled Isolation Tweezers-Angled Isolation Tweezers-Lash Tribe
Angled Isolation Tweezers
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Angled Isolation Tweezer, silver foot-Angled Isolation Tweezer-Lash Tribe
Angled Isolation Tweezer, silver foot
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Checking / Isolation Tool-Checking/Isolation tool-Lash Tribe
Checking / Isolation Tool
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Straight Isolation Tweezer-Straight Isolation Tweezer-Lash Tribe
Straight Isolation Tweezer
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Classic Set with Magnetic Case-Classic Set with Magnetic Case-Lash Tribe
Classic Set with Magnetic Case
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