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    After-Care and Retail

    Your resource for premium lash maintenance products. This collection features top-quality after-care essentials designed to extend the life of lash extensions and natural lashes, keeping them looking as fabulous as the day they were applied.

    Our range includes gentle cleansers, nourishing serums, and more, ensuring your clients can maintain their lash health and beauty at home. Plus, with our retail offerings, you can provide your clients with the same professional-grade products you trust in your salon, enhancing their at-home lash care routine.

    23 products
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    Aftercare & Retail

    Q1: What after-care products do you recommend for eyelash extensions?

    A1: We recommend using a gentle lash cleanser to keep your eyelash extensions clean and to prolong their lifespan. Additionally, lash brushes are an essential tool for daily grooming to keep your extensions looking their best.

    Q2: What retail products should salons offer their clients for eyelash extension after-care?

    A2: Salons should offer a selection of after-care products such as lash-safe mascaras, lash cleansers, and lash brushes, as well as serums. These products not only help maintain the lash extensions but also provide an additional revenue stream for the salon.

    Q3: What are some after-care products for brow services?

    A3: We recommend retailing gentle brow cleansers and specialized brow brushes for maintaining the shape and cleanliness of the brows post-treatment.

    Q4: Can you suggest any after-care products for a lash lift?

    A4: Our best seller is the advanced aftecrare formula for lash lifting. You can mark this up 100%. Post lash lift, it's crucial to use gentle, oil-free cleansers and avoid heat and water for the first 24 hours. For maintenance, clients should use a lash comb or brush daily to keep lashes looking lifted and separated.

    Q5: Can mascaras be used on lash extensions and lash lifts?

    A5: Yes, we recommend you stock the Elleevate Mascara because it's essential to use lash extension-safe or oil-free mascaras. Regular mascaras can break down the adhesive used in lash extensions or cause lashes to stick together post-lift.

    Q6: Why should salons retail after-care products?

    A6: By offering after-care products, salons not only provide a complete service to their clients but also open an additional income stream. These products help clients maintain their results, leading to greater client satisfaction and loyalty.

    Q7: What role does a lash growth serum play in lash care?

    A7: A quality lash growth serum is designed to support and enhance the natural growth of your lashes. It nourishes the lash follicles, leading to thicker, longer, and healthier lashes over time. It's an excellent product for those looking to boost their natural lashes.

    Q8: Can lash growth serums be used with lash extensions or after a lash lift?

    A8: Yes, lash growth serums can generally be used with lash extensions or after a lash lift. They often help maintain the health of the natural lashes. However, it's always best to ensure the product is compatible with the specific lash adhesives or lift solutions used.

    Q9: Should salons offer lash growth serums to their clients?

    A9: Absolutely! Use and offer your clients the Lash Tribe Growth Serum. Our vegan Lash Growth Serum gives your clients the opportunity to further enhance their lash treatments. It's also an excellent retail product for clients who are waiting between lash appointments or those who prefer a more natural lash look.