Advanced Lashing & Eye Styling Course

If You Are A Classic Or A Volume Lash Artist And Want To Learn More In Depth Styling, Problem Shoot Different Eye Shapes And Custom Design The Perfect Set For Their Clients, This Course Is Perfect For You!

Do you want to learn about the Kim Kardashian Lashes Specialty Set?

The more advanced lashing methods will give you confidence in everyday lashing but will also give you an edge over other lash artists that don’t know much about such advanced techniques.

Will I receive full access to the Course right away?
We will send you an email with access web-links and passwords within a few hours.

Do I have a time limit of when I can access the Course and its contents?
You have lifetime access to the course. 

Will I received a certificate that is valid in my country?

You will receive a certificate of completion after sending in your 3 case studies. I am a certified trainer here in Australia. The Lash Tribe® Courses are not nationally recognised.

Please check with your countries rules and regulation if you require recognised Training.


Beat Your Competition

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Not very many people know how to master the Lashing and Eye Styling yet, so you getting in at the right time. The decision is yours. The course includes:

  • The Golden Ratio
  • Shapes and Styling 101
  • Case study 1- lower eye, small and narrow
  • Case Study 2 – Hooded Asian eyes
  • Case Study 3-droopy and uneven horizontal line
  • Case Study 4- uneven lid space and fold, more narrow eye
  • Case Study 5 -eye high difference and fold different shape
  • Case Study 6 -deep Set eyes on fair client
  • The Eyeliner Effect
  • Kim Kardashian Lashes
  • The perfect line
  • Working out “Lash Weight” – The Pi- Formula
  • Blending length and curls like a PRO ( Classic and Volume)
  • Stacking and Capping & Bridging- Classic Lashes
  • Stacking and Capping & Bridging- Volume Lashes
  • Getting your certificate

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