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Eyelash extensions typically use cyanoacrylate-based adhesives, like our Lash Tribe adhesive. This is a special kind of adhesive that's perfect for safely and effectively bonding the extensions to the natural lashes, when used correctly.

Yes, lash adhesive and lash glue refer to the same product in our Lash Extensions Service Industry. They are both used to secure the eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, one at a time. Do not mistake our professional adhesives with strip lash glue. Those are very different and it would be dangerous to use them for this.

The best glue for lash extensions beginners is one that balances easy application with longevity. The most popular adhesive in Australia is Lash Tribe. Our Lash Lash Tribe adhesive fits this bill perfectly. It's easy to work with, setting quickly and having a consistency that's ideal for newcomers to the field. The retention is also amazing. We recommend the Rapid Black Adhesive.

While lash extension glue and super glue both contain cyanoacrylates, lash extension glue is specially formulated for use with eyelashes. It's much safer and gentler than super glue.

In our unbiased opinion, the Lash Tribe Eyelash Extension Adhesive is the best option available. Our best seller is the Ultra Rapid Black Adhesive. It's Australia's top-selling adhesive for a reason, boasting unmatched retention, rapid setting time, and a user-friendly viscosity.

The Lash Tribe adhesive is known for its impressive retention. It ensures that extensions remain firmly in place, providing you with long-lasting, stunning lashes. We have several lash salon owners that purchase 20-30 Rapid Clear adhesives at any one time to use across multiple salons. They staff love it.

The Lash Tribe adhesive is formulated to be as non-irritating as possible, making it the best choice for those with sensitive eyes.

However, always ensure to follow the correct application procedure to minimize any risk of irritation.

In Australia, one adhesive that is widely recognised for its strength and high-performance is the Lash Tribe Eyelash Extension Adhesive range. These adhesive have a quick drying time and superior retention, making it a popular choice among professionals. It's easy to work with, making application smooth and seamless for both technician and client.

In addition to its impressive performance characteristics, Lash Tribe Eyelash Extension Adhesive is formulated to be gentle on the eyes, reducing the risk of irritation that can sometimes be associated with stronger adhesives.

However, it's important to remember that when working with stronger adhesives, lash technicians need to be properly trained to ensure correct application and to minimise the risk of eye irritation or damage to the natural lashes. With the right training, the use of a high-quality, professional lash adhesive like Lash Tribe can deliver stunning, long-lasting results.

Lash Glue

A crucial component in every lash artist's toolkit, Lash Tribe Shop presents an exceptional assortment of eyelash extension adhesives. Sourced from reputable manufacturers and selected by industry veterans, our comprehensive collection of lash glues is designed to meet every salon's adhesive needs while also providing a comfortable and safe experience for clients.

Our eyelash extension adhesives offer top-notch performance, ensuring a robust and long-lasting bond. Choose from a variety of drying times and bond strengths to find the perfect fit for your professional techniques and your clients' lifestyles. Whether you're looking for a fast-drying adhesive for volume lashing or a sensitive adhesive for clients with delicate eyes, you'll find a solution that matches your needs at Lash Tribe Shop.

Quality and safety are at the forefront of our selection process. We offer premium eyelash extension adhesives that are not only durable and reliable but also hypoallergenic and formaldehyde-free, ensuring a safe application process for every client.

Our adhesives pair seamlessly with our wide range of professional lash extensions, allowing you to offer tailored lash transformations for your clients. Moreover, enhancing your brow services is easier than ever with our collection of brow tinting supplies. For those who prefer cost-effective yet high-quality options, we provide a range of competitively priced lash and brow starter kits

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