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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are the best selling Lash and Brow Products at Lash Tribe?

    Some of our best-selling products include the Ultra Rapid Black Adhesive, Superbonder "Set Me", Elleebana Lash Lift Kits, Infinity Hybrid Brow Tints, Beginners Lash Starter Kit, and the Kick Starter Bundle Online Course.

    What is special about the Ultra Rapid Black Adhesive?

    The Ultra Rapid Black Adhesive is renowned for its fast drying time and long-lasting hold. It's perfect for experienced lash artists who need a reliable, high-performance adhesive.

    How does the Superbonder "Set Me" enhance the lash extension process?

    Superbonder "Set Me" is designed to maximize lash retention by sealing lash adhesive instantly. It works by creating an optimal environment for adhesives to cure, giving your clients a more comfortable experience and durable lash extensions.

    Why are the Elleebana Lash Lift Kits so popular?

    Elleebana Lash Lift Kits are a favorite due to their high-quality components and impressive results. They provide everything needed to give your clients' lashes a dramatic lift and curl that lasts for weeks.

    What are the Infinity Hybrid Brow Tints?

    Infinity Hybrid Brow Tints are unique products that combine the best qualities of traditional brow tints WITHOUT henna with immense staying power. They provide rich, long-lasting color while being gentle on the skin. The AQUA DROPS are the world's first liquid hybrid brow tint.

    What is included in the Beginners Lash Starter Kit?

    Our Beginners Lash Starter Kit is a comprehensive kit designed to provide everything a novice lash artist needs to start their lash journey and provide lash services to more than 25 clients. It's an excellent investment for those new to the lash industry.

    Q7 What does the Kick Starter Bundle Online Course offer?

    The Kick Starter Bundle (3 in 1 Online Course) is a popular choice for those wanting to learn at their own pace. It provides Beginners and advanced training, detailed instruction on various lash extension techniques, business advice, and continuous support, helping you to kickstart your career in the lash industry.

    Q8 How can I purchase these best-sellers?
    All our best-selling products can be purchased directly from our online store. Choose the product you're interested in and follow the checkout process.

    Check out our best selling online course below