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Online Eyelash Extension Courses

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    Online Eyelash Extension Courses

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    Are you ready to boost your lash skills or start a new lash business completely from scratch, with Lash Tribe's award-winning Online Courses?
    Founder, Julia Mann, was the first to launch online lash courses in Australia back in 2016! Many of her students gave her the name: "The Oprah of Lashes".

    Our online courses deliver top-tier education right to your screen, combining expert knowledge with practical lessons to help you become a lash artist par excellence. Learn from the best in the business and join the ranks of our thousands of other successful students worldwide. With Lash Tribe Online Courses, you're not just learning, you're becoming a part of a thriving, international lash community.

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    Online Eyelash Extension Courses

    Frequently asked Questions:

    Q1: What types of online eyelash extension courses are available?
    A: We have a huge variety of lash tribe online eyelash extension courses available, ranging from beginner -level to advanced styling techniques. Additional courses are also provided, focusing on business management, retail sales strategies, and enhancing lash retention.

    Q2: What content does a beginner's lash extension course typically cover?
    A: A beginner's course aims to offer comprehensive training on fundamental lash extension techniques, lash health, product knowledge, and client consultation. It's designed to equip new artists with all the necessary skills and confidence to venture into the lash extension industry.
    How are Lash Tribe online courses even cover the business lessons, so that new Lash artists can attract the first few clients and learn about the basics of business setup, the galaxies, as well as social media.

    Q3: What can I learn in an advanced lash styling course?
    A: An advanced lash styling course is a deep dive into customizing lash extensions to suit each client's unique eye shape and style preference but on steroids! It equips you with advanced techniques and strategies, enabling you to create a wide variety of popular lash styles, such as the WET look, Strip lash style, Anime Lash Style and Fox Style Effect.

    Q4: How can business courses help me in my lash extension career?
    A: Business courses are geared towards helping lash artists understand and manage the business aspect of their profession. From marketing strategies, client retention, to pricing models, these courses aim to equip you with the tools needed to run a successful lash business. Our classic beginner's course, as well as our kickstart bundle, both contain these business modules.

    Q5: What is covered in a retail sales course for lash artists?
    A: if you feel a little bit yucky and icky to sell products to a client this course is for you. Adding retail to your business I can easily add a lot of a turn over. A retail sales course focuses on enhancing your ability to effectively sell lash care products. You'll learn about effective product promotion, building customer trust, and developing a successful retail strategy.

    Q6: How can I get better lash retention?
    A: Our "Retention secrets eyelash extension course" teaches you about various factors affecting lash longevity. From the application process, the environment, to aftercare, and troubleshooting, you'll gain insights into providing clients with longer-lasting lash extensions. This is one of the most popular courses and has given Lash artists the most life-changing results. Better attention and lashes means better retention and customers.

    Q7: How do I get a lash extension certificate?
    A: Upon successful completion of the course material and demonstrating proficiency in the covered content, you'll receive a certificate of completion from Lash Tribe. This Will allow you to work as a lash artist and can help build your credibility as a professional lash artist.

    Q8: How can I enroll in these online eyelash extension courses?
    A: Enrollment in any of the courses is easily done through this shop and the online learning platform.

    Select your desired course, complete the registration process, and you're ready to start learning at your own pace.

    All of our online courses, apart from the subscription, will give you access for life as well as 20% off our professional Lash Tribe range of products.

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