Brow Tint Kits | Brow Lamination Kit

Brow Tint Kits | Brow Lamination Kit

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    Brow Tint Kits | Brow Lamination

    Welcome to our amazing Brow Tint Kit and Lash and Brow lamination kit collection, where we've mixed up some serious brow magic for you. Whether you're a pro beautician in a salon or an at-home brow whizz, our products are easy to use to create stunning brows and increase your income in your beauty business. 

    7 products

    Brow Tint Kits | Brow Lamination Kit

    Let's talk Brow Lamination and Tint Kits. They're like the Swiss army knife of the brow universe - shaping, taming, and adding that perfect shade to your brows. Talk about all-in-one!

    Our Henna Brow Tint Kits are packed with organic henna, they offer lasting color, solid coverage, and are super skin-friendly.

    For our salon partners, check out our Brow Tint and Lamination Kits. They're a total game-changer for your business, offering top-tier brow grooming services that your clients will absolutely love.
    The best part? They can seriously boost your revenue, too.

    *Frequently Asked Questions*

    1. What is an Eye Brow Tint Kit?
    -An Eye Brow Tint Kit is a salon or do-it-yourself kit designed to shape, define, and enhance your brows. It is perfect for giving your brows a fuller and more defined appearance. We recommend only professional use.

    2. Which is the Best Eyebrow Tint Kit to use?
    -The "best" kit varies depending on personal preferences. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of top-tier Eyebrow Tint Kits, from hybrid brow kits to aqua drop hybrid tint and even Henna. All which provide superior pigmentation and durability. Be sure to check out our brow kits to find the one that best suits your needs.

    3. Can I use an Eyebrow Tint Kit at home?
    -Absolutely! Our Eyebrow Tint Kits are designed for both salon and at-home use. They come with comprehensive instructions, making them ideal for brow enhancement whenever and wherever you need it.

    4. What is a Lash and Brow Lamination Kit?
    -A Lash and Brow Lamination Kit serves a dual purpose. It tames unruly hairs for a uniform look (that's the lamination part) ad the same product can also be used for lash lifts. This is a salon-only product.

    5. What makes a Henna Brow Tint Kit special?
    -Our Henna Brow Tint Kits are made from organic henna, providing natural and long-lasting color. They're gentle on the skin whilst offering robust coverage and a striking result on both skin and hair.

    6. How can a Brow Tint kit, a Hybrid brow kit, and lash and brow lamination kit benefit my salon?
    -Offering Brow Tint, lash lift, and Lamination services can significantly increase your salon's revenue. These kits are quick and easy to use, providing professional results that will keep your clients coming back for more. They are a fantastic addition to any salon's service offerings.

    7. Is it safe to use a Brow Tint Kit?
    Yes, our Brow Tint Kits are safe to use. However, we always recommend doing a patch test 24 hours before application to ensure there's no allergic reaction. Always follow the instructions provided in the kit for the best and safest results.