Various pictures of Lash Tribe premade fans on beautiful eyes.

Premade Volume Fans

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    Lash Tribe's Premade Volume Fans
    The ultimate addition to any lash pro's toolkit. Made from super-soft synthetic fibers, these fans bring the drama, the volume, and the curl that lasts.

    Our fans boast pointy bases for superior adherence, providing an effortless application experience. They're ultra-black, enhancing the depth and intensity of every look.

    Available in various lengths, curls, and diameters, these lashes are perfect for creating custom, voluminous styles. They're durable, lightweight, and ultra-soft, ticking all the boxes for a high-quality, professional lash extension product.

    Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and designed for comfort, Lash Tribe's Premade Volume Fans are all about making those eyes pop while keeping things ethical. Step up your lash game and keep your clients coming back for more with our top-tier lash products!