Pump Up The Volume - Fan Perfection

This Course Is For You If:

You are an existing Volume Lash artist and :

  • You may have attended other courses in the past but weren’t very in depth
  • You want to learn more than 1 pick-up technique
  • You are struggling with your current Volume fanning techniques
  • Your fans are not consistent and you get straight T-bar and crossed bases every now and then.
  • You feel a little stuck in your ways that are NOT working
  • You have issues with the Tweezers and Products you are using
  • You want to get the correct “wrapping technique on a more consistent basis”
  • You would like your sets to last longer
  • You are not getting that fluffy and full look that you see everyone achieve on Instagram

This Training is not for you if:

You Have NEVER done Volume lashes before and you are struggling with isolation.

 Here is what’s included in this Certification Course:

11 Units of competency, 27 Lessons

  • Volume Lashes 101
  • Tweezers 101
  • Dipping your Fans Correctly
  • Product Knowledge
  • Working on a Sponge
  • Narrow vs Wide Fans
  • Techniques for Perfect Fan
  • Saving a Split Fan
  • Special "T-Bar Prevention Trick"
  • Correct Fan Attachment
  • Case Study Requirements 

Enjoy These Bonuses & More!

Here are just a few of the bonuses available by purchasing our Pump Up the Volume - Fan Perfection.


"30 Degree angled fan attachment" forthe perfect line and swept looks (very advanced technique) to create  stunning perfect lines.


You will gain exclusive access to our VIP Volume Inner circle for your ongoing support.


The course is yours for LIFE, with access at your fingertips 24/7.


You will have the option to purchase a kit and any other Lash Tribe Products from our Shop at 20% off for life, once you are a part of our family.


Will I receive full access to the Course right away?
You will receive your login details within a few hours via email. 

I have never done lashes before. Can I do the Mega Volume Course?
No.  You will need to master Classic lashes first, then you can advance to Russian Volume lashes and then to Mega Volume Lashes.

Do I have a time limit of when I can access the Course and it’s contents?
No time limit. You will have lifetime access and can access the Course as many times and whenever you wish.

Does the Course come with a kit?

NO. But you will be able to purchase products at 20% off once you are a Lash Tribe Student :-)

Will I received a certificate?
Yes, you will receive a certificate on completion of some fanning work and 1 case study.

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Corona Delay
14 days ago
We wish there was something we could do. Unfortunately due to covid-19, many planes are not flying right now and deliveries all over the world take so much longer. We are sad to see that you gave us 1 star for something that has nothing to do with the product but everything with something that is totally out of our control. We hope you love the Tweezers once they arrive.
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