Lash Care Essentials Kit | Prolong Concentrate

Lash Tribe's Lash Care Essentials Kit featuring the Prolong Concentrate lash cleanser.
A black bag filled with Lash Tribe's Lash Care Essentials Kit, including their Prolong Concentrate for beautifully groomed lashes.

Lash Care Essentials Kit | Prolong Concentrate

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Lash Care Essentials Kit | Prolong Concentrate

Meet our fabulous Lash Cleanser Bundle – your new best friend in the world of lash care!

What's in the Bundle?

Pro Long Lash Concentrate:This little bottle is a powerhouse! Just a small amount is enough to whip up 3-4 full bottles of top-notch lash cleanser. It's like magic in a bottle!

3x60ml Cleansing Foam-Up Bottles:These aren't just any bottles; they're specially designed to transform your concentrate into a luxurious, silky foamy cleanser. You get enough to make 3-4 batches, so you're always stocked up.

3x Ingredient Labels:We believe in transparency and so should you! These labels are perfect for jotting down what's in your mix, keeping everything professional and clear.

Cleansing Brush and Mascara Wand: These tools are the secret to flawless application. The brush gently, yet effectively, cleanses the lashes, while the wand ensures each lash is perfectly separated and coated.

Care Card: A handy guide to keep you on track. It's like having a mini lash expert in your pocket!

Why You'll Love It:
Perfect for Clients and Salons: Whether you're selling these to your lash-obsessed clients or using them in your salon, this bundle is a game-changer. It's professional, effective, and shows that you care about quality.

Easy to Use:Just mix the concentrate with some distilled water (as per the instructions), and voilà – you've got yourself a premium lash cleanser. It's that simple!

Cost-Effective: Making your own cleanser? Talk about a savvy move! Not only does it save you money, but it also adds a personal touch that clients love.

Quality Care for Lashes: This bundle isn't just about cleaning – it's about caring. The gentle formula ensures lashes stay healthy, beautiful, and ready for the world.

How to Use It:

  • Mix the Pro Long Lash Concentrate distilled water as per instructions
  • Pour the mixture into the foam-up bottles.
  • Label each bottle for clarity and professionalism.
  • Use the brush and wand for perfect application.

Whether you're a lash artist looking to elevate your salon's offerings or a business savvy individual aiming to provide top-notch products to your clients, our Lash Cleanser Bundle is your ticket to success. It's not just a cleanser; it's a statement of quality and care.

Get ready to mix, cleanse, and dazzle with the Lash Cleanser Bundle. Your lashes (and your clients) will thank you! 🌟💖

What Is Prolong Lash™?


3.4 fl oz / 100 ml CONCENTRATE

- FDA-approved 

- Ophthalmologically tested and approved for sensitive eyes

- Safe for use with contact lenses

-  Formulated for use with cyanoacrylate-based eyelash extension glue

- Oil Free

- Vegan

- pH Balanced  

Prolong Lash™ was formulated in response to many clients with eyelash extensions presenting after 1, 2 or 3 weeks with clumped eyelashes, loss of eyelashes and inhibited natural eyelash growth.

Prolong Lash™ Cleanser eliminates protein build-up, debris, makeup and dead skin cells from the eyelash base, extending the life of your eyelash extensions.

Prolong Lash™ aids in preventing clumping of bonded eyelash extensions. Clumping inhibits your natural lash cycle. When dead hairs are held in the hair follicle, this increases the risk of infection and prevents new lashes from growing through.

USE: We recommend using Prolong Lash Cleanser on your entire face twice daily to remove make-up and to shampoo your lashes to keep them free from build-up.


Want to create your own foaming cleanser from the concentrate?

The recommended dilution is to mix 1-part concentrate to 2-parts distilled water in a Foaming Pump Bottle. See the video below for more details!



If you choose not to follow the above dilution instructions, it is considered that you have adulterated our product, and you could be held legally accountable. We strongly recommend that you obtain the necessary insurance to guard against any liability.


INGREDIENTS: Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water, Aqua (Water), Lauryl Betaine, Acrylates/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Copolymer, Triethanolamine, Phenethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium PCA, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract



How to Make Lash Extensions Last Longer?

Use a gentle foaming lash cleanser, such as the Prolong Lash Cleanser daily. For your convenience, you can get the Cleanser pre-made in 100ml pump bottles.
Proper cleaning is vital to maintain the health of your natural lashes and the longevity of the extensions. A gentle foaming lash cleanser, like Prolong Lash Cleanser, is specifically formulated for lash extensions, ensuring they remain clean without causing any damage or premature shedding. This will help remove dirt, oil, and makeup residues that might otherwise weaken the adhesive bond.

Sleep on your back.
Sleeping face-down or on your side can cause friction between your pillow and the lash extensions. Over time, this friction can cause the extensions to loosen or fall out prematurely. Sleeping on your back reduces the likelihood of this occurring, preserving the shape and placement of the extensions.

Don't use mascara.
Traditional mascaras, especially those that are waterproof, can be hard on lash extensions. They can cause clumping and may require rubbing or tugging to remove, which can lead to damage or loss of extensions. If you absolutely need to use mascara, ensure it's specifically formulated for lash extensions.

Use oil-free products on your lashes and around your eyes.
Oils can break down the adhesive used for lash extensions, causing them to fall out sooner. Always choose oil-free eye makeup and makeup removers. This not only preserves the adhesive but also prevents residue buildup.

Brush them daily.
Using a clean lash spoolie, gently brush your lash extensions daily. This will keep them in place, prevent any tangling, and ensure they look their best throughout their lifespan.

Don't rub, tug, or pull on your lashes.
Physical stress on the extensions can weaken the bond and cause them to fall out. Always be gentle when cleaning or touching the eye area. If you experience any discomfort or itchiness, it's better to consult your lash technician instead of attempting to adjust them yourself.

Don't use mechanical lash curlers.
Mechanical lash curlers can crimp or break lash extensions off. If you'd like a more curled appearance, opt for a lash lift before getting extensions or ask your lash technician for a curlier lash type, such as a D or DD curl.

When drying your face, blot dry, don't rub back and forth.
Just like sleeping on your side or face-down can cause friction, so can vigorously rubbing your face with a towel. Gently pat or blot your face dry, being especially careful around the eye area.

Have regular infills.
Over time, as your natural lashes shed, gaps may appear in your extensions. Regular infills (every 2-3 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes) will maintain the fullness and ensure your lash extensions always look their best.

Don't wear lashes that are too heavy, hang, or twist.
Using lash extensions that are too heavy or long for your natural lashes can cause strain, leading to premature shedding. They can also twist or get tangled, leading to an untidy appearance. Always consult with your lash technician to choose the right length and weight that suits your natural lashes and desired look.

Taking care of your lash extensions with these practices can not only help prolong their lifespan but also maintain the health of your natural lashes.

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