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Lashlast™ ULTRA Rapid Black Adhesive


Our LashLast™ ULTRA Rapid BLACK adhesive is our BEST SELLING GLUE and also the most versatile, the lowest in fumes and longest lasting in our Lashlast™ range.

A great all rounder and perfect to use for Classic as well as Volume Lashing.

  • Setting time: 1-2 Seconds
  • Ideal Humidity: 30-70% ( can be used in very low temps and humidities as well as high. Setting time will change accordingly. Work faster in higher temps)
  • Ideal temperature: 22-24 Degrees Celcius
  • thin viscosity
  • 5ml bottle

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone ( less than 0.1), Carbon black


  • Shake the bottle for 30 seconds and discard the 1st drop.
  • Use a small drop on a jade stone, crystal or glue sticker.
  • Do not use a glue ring.
  • Apply and use a new drop of glue when you notice it changing consistency, depending on the level of humidity and temperature, OR every 15-20 minutes. 
  • Discard bottle after 4 weeks of opening or as soon as consistency changes..
  • Keep your unopened bottles in the fridge for no longer than 6 months.
  • If adhesive comes into contact with inner eye, seek medical help immediately and flush eyes with cold water for at least 20 minutes.

All our adhesives come in a vacuum sealed pouch with silica bags and a nozzle pin so your nozzle never gets clogged up. 

Comes in 5ml

Please note:Due to the hot weather conditions, we will not send out any orders that contain glue/adhesives on a Friday as we can’t guarantee the quality of the glue after the longer travel and storage time of the weekend.

Here is a link to our US Distributor: https://www.architectsandfairies.com/collections/lash-tribe


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Super good

It works really Great in high or low humidity (i found for myself from 40-70 ). Best retention and the drying time is perfectly matched with my speed, non-sticky at all.


Love this lash adhesive

Great in any conditions!

We were struggling to find an adhesive that worked for all of our lash techs plus worked in high and low humidity etc. So far from 6 weeks we have had excellent results with the Ultra Rapid when we tried about 5 other adhesives in the conditions and they were very average compared. My only negative is the fumes for my nose but that is because it is fast and has good retention... I find it is so rapid that you get zero stickies which is amazing!


Lashlast™ ULTRA Rapid Black Adhesive

Fantastic lashlast

Great effective glue for the lashes💛


I'm so in love with this glue, I love the consistency of the glue. This glue and nanometer is match made in heaven in my eyes. Not too strong fumes ether. My humidity is normal around 50-60 and 22-23 C and it works perfect!

Best glue ever!!!

This is the glue I have used in 8 years. The retention is amazing. Clients say their eyes don't get irritated. It's super quick to work with and its rare for me to smell fumes. I will not stop using this glue.


Lashlust ULTRA Rapid Black. Performance supreme. High quality glue. Pleasing results & purchase.

Easy to use adhesive

Seems to work well in a wide range of humidities and temperatures. Quick drying and great retention


Lashlast™ ULTRA Rapid Black Adhesive

★ Judge.me Reviews

Let customers speak for us

305 reviews

I absolutely love Fan me! It is amazing how it affected my lashing - it sped up my lashing process so much. Will definitely keep using it, must have product!!!


After watching the video several times, I decided to order Fan Me as battling with an air conditioner during summer, no matter how many plants and humidifiers I have around my work is subsequently slowed down waiting for my fan to dry enough so it doesn’t close up as I apply It to the lash. Was so excited when I applied fan me on several different lash sets today to find it works incredibly well, cut down my set time and took the frustration out of fans closing up! It’s an amazing product and incredibly good value when one uses so little of it. It will go a long way! Amazing and I will never be without this!

Super good

It works really Great in high or low humidity (i found for myself from 40-70 ). Best retention and the drying time is perfectly matched with my speed, non-sticky at all.

Glamcor Classic Revolution X

Look no further! If you are wondering if this product is worth the buy it absolutely is. I was hesitant at first but after doing some research on the product itself. When I had received my light it was well packed and protected.

The light overall worked amazing 😍
The only 1 thing is that when I turned on my light to the 4th setting it made a buzzing sound I’m not sure if this was normal or not?
But the buy was worth it ✨

reusable carbon filter mask & carbon filters

So happy with what I received! Within the first few minutes of using the mask I noticed a difference compared to other mask I have used. Absolutely comfortable to use and is adjustable near the ear so you can fit the string to your liking.

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