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Lash and Brow Tools & Accessories

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    Lash and Brow  Tools & Accessories

    Making your work as a lash and brow artist easier and more efficient. 
    We know that in the world of lash and brow artistry, every detail matters. That's why we offer top-quality, precision tools designed to give you control, accuracy, and ease during every service. Our accessories, such as lash mirrors and handy lash storage solutions, make your workspace more organized and your services more professional.
    Equip yourself with the essentials every lash and brow artist needs. 
    44 products
    Lash Glue Stickers-Lash Tribe
    Lash Glue Stickers
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    Lash Pillow Case-Lash Pillow Case-Lash Tribe
    Lash Pillow Case

    Lash and Brow Tools & Accessories

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1 : What are the best lash extension tools and accessories?

    A1: Lash extension tools and accessories include a variety of products designed to assist in the application, maintenance, and removal of eyelash extensions. They encompass lighting solutions, sterilizers, storage units for lashes and tweezers, and more.

    Q2: What lights are good to use when lashing?

    A2: Proper lighting is essential for precision during the lash application process. Products like the Lash Tribe Magnifying Glasses provide enhanced vision and better attention to detail, ensuring flawless results. And they are also super lightweight.

    Q3: How can I disinfect my lash extension tools?

    A 3: Using a professional UV Sterilizer can ensure your lash tools are clean and safe for use between clients. It's a critical step to maintain high hygiene standards and prevent potential infections. Use hospital grade disinfectant first and then the UV Sterilizer.

    Q4: Tweezer and Lash organisation and storage?

    A4: Organizing your lash and tweezer tools can be achieved with the help of specially designed storage units. They keep your tools safe, accessible, and protected. Glue storage units are also available to maintain the longevity of your adhesives. We got them all :-)

    Q5: What is the purpose of a Nano Mister in lash extension applications?

    A5: A Nano Mister helps in the lash extension application process by emitting a fine mist of water particles. It aids in curing lash adhesive faster, reducing fume irritation, and providing a refreshing finish to the service. Lash Tribe Stocks them in several colors.

    A 7: How can I dry lashes faster after the extension application?

    A6: A Lash Drying Fan is an effective tool for speeding up the drying process post-application. It safely and gently dries the lashes, ensuring the adhesive cures properly and the extensions settle well. And it also looks super cute.

    Q8: What tools are available for lash extension practice?
    A8: For those looking to improve their skills, Practice Heads and Lashes are available. They offer a realistic platform for practicing the application of lash extensions without needing a live model.

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