Lash Tribe KICK START Bundle | 3 in 1 Online Lash Course

Lash Tribe KICK START Bundle | 3 in 1 Online Lash Course

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Lash Tribe KICK START Bundle | 3 in 1 Online Lash Course

Learn In your time | in the comfort of your home | Life-time access

Are you ready to become an amazing certified  Lash Artist?

Now is the right time.

With this Bundle, you will receive the Classic and the Russian Volume Lashes Course PLUS access to both VIP Groups.

This industry is incredibly rewarding and has fulfilled so many dreams for people across the world.

It's ever-growing, exciting, and of profitable!

If you are serious about taking it to the next level enrol today and learn the art of Lashes.

Who is this course for?

  • You have never done lashes before
  • Or secondly, you have done a course or two before, including Volume but you would like to up-skill. 
  • You are ready to take action and make this lash business a proper business
  • You would like to be surrounded by like-minded people that can offer you ongoing support
  • You wanna feel confident at dealing with clients and their individual needs 
  • You wanna stop the overwhelm and actually get a step by step process or applying eyelash extensions safely and make your clients happy.
  • You want to be a stand out Lash Artist in your area that clients love and recommend.
  • You would like HD Video recordings that you can go back to at any time if you forgot a particular step in lashing.

Here are just a few of the bonuses available by purchasing our Bundle.



FREE VIP Facebook Group Access for ongoing, lifetime support. Valued at $499/year!


Includes learning material, PDFs, and printouts. Valued at $399!


E-Book/Video Bundle including several training videos. Valued at $997.


20% Lifetime Discount on all lash kits and products from our shop.


Perfect For Beginners

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to start a business as an Eyelash Extension Artist performing exceptional Classic Lashes. 

The Classic Course includes:

  • Infection Control, Workplace Health & Safety, 1st Aid
  • Anatomy of the eye, Lash growth cycle & Diseases
  • Products and Set up, Your Lash Kit
  • Eyelash Extensions 101
  • Eye shapes and Styling
  • Style Guide & Eyelash Mapping
  • Stacking and Capping
  • Before care, Client Consultation & Contra-Indications, Forms
  • Set up- Cleansing/Prepping the Lashes
  • Applying Pads, Taping methods
  • Lash Tile Set up, Tweezers and Pickup
  • Adhesive / Lash Glue and Correct Dipping
  • Isolation and attachment
  • Isolation and attachment
  • Isolation on a practice head
  • Methodical Application = Speed
  • Patch Testing/Allergic Reactions
  • Removal & Infills
  • Specialty Lashes, Colored Lashes
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Retail Products and Selling
  • Pricing
  • Avoiding No-Shows with a booking system
  • How-to: Photos & Apps
  • FULL SET Application
  • Lower Eyelash Extensions

Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Getting proper training right from the start will help you create better lashes faster and will accelerate your business growth.

Create Beautiful, Full Eyelashes

The Volume Eyelash Extensions course is designed for lash artists that already have a minimum of 3 months experience in Classic Lashes. 

The Volume Course includes:

  • The Pi-Formula
  • Eye Shapes and Styling
  • Style Guide and mapping
  • Tweezer 101
  • Products and Set up
  • Patch testing
  • Important Fanning Preparation
  • 8 Volume Fanning techniques
  • Dipping the Fan and Saving a Split Fan
  • Attaching on Practice Lashes/ Wrapping
  • Lash Cleansing and Prep
  • Pads and Taping Techniques
  • Speed and Methodical Application
  • Blending Lengths and Curls
  • Creating a dark Lash Line
  • Stacking, Capping & Bridging
  • Full Set on Model
  • Refills
  • Hybrid Lashes
  • Lower Lashes
  • Specialty Lashes/Colored Lashes
  • Aftercare
  • Trouble Shooting
  • How to Photos and Apps
  • Pricing
  • And many more bonus and live videos!

Here's Why Students Love LashTribe



Did you know, that ONCE you are a classic lash student, we give you $100 towards your next Lash Tribe Course. 





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    Become A Successful Lash Artist with A Booming Business

    A captivating photo showcasing a woman's glamorous eyelashes as she browses through the Lash Retention Online Course by Lash Tribe on her laptop.

    3 in 1 Courses

    With our Kick Start Bundle, you will receive 3 in 1 courses. Beginners Classic & Advanced Volume course, as well as our super special business modules, that will teach you the ins and outs of business and generate massive sales within your salon with retail. You are off to the right start!

    Our courses are internationally NALA accredited and you will receive 2x certificates of completion.

    How much money can a lash artist make?

    Yes, ss a Lash Artist, you can make a full time income.
    You can totally rock this, creating awesome looks for your clients and boosting your bank balance, knowing the right numbers.

    Below is a table comparing how much money a Lash Artist can make in a day, week, month, and year when working 5 days per week, offering three services:

    Classic Set ($150) with 4 clients per day, Refill ($80) with 6 clients per day, and Full Volume Set ($200) with 4 clients per day. Please note: This does not take into consideration Tax or GST. Please keep that in mind.The numbers state "Turnover" only.

    how much money can a lash artist make?

    What is the Kick Start Bundle?


    This is where we teach you the fundamentals of eyelash extensions and 1:1 classic lash application including business tips.

    Beginners Lash Course Content

    • Anatomy of the eye
    • Lash growth cycle & Diseases
    • Classic Eyelash Extensions 101
    • Lash Tile Set up Classic Lashes
    • Pickup and Tweezers
    • Adhesive 101
    • Before care
    • Client Consultation & Contra Indications
    • Forms Patch Testing
    • Applying Pads
    • Taping Methods
    • Isolation and attachment
    • Style Guide & Eyelash Mapping
    • Methodical Application = Speed
    • Trouble Shooting

    • Infills
    • Aftercare
    • Pricing
    • Removal
    • Submitting Case studies
    • The Lash Health Levels
    • Cleansing & Prepping
    • Directional work and correction
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Selling Retail
    • Pre-MadeFan attachements
    • Candy Cane Technique
    • Business Set Up
    • Legalities
    • Salon Setup Checklist

    A close up of a woman's eye with Lash Tribe's 0.10 Classic Premium Silk Lashes | Mixed Tray.

    Lash Client-Getting System

    Discover how to attract your first 10 customers without a huge marketing budget. These methods have helped hundreds of other artists to become fully booked over time.

    Advanced Russian Volume Course

    Learn all the tricks, tips, and techniques you need to know about Volume Lashing.

    If you are looking for a way to create fuller, denser and darker looks for your clients & be able to charge more as well, then VOLUME LASHING is a must. Girls charge as much as $300 -$400 for a full Set of Volume lashes.

    Start and build your own lash business!

    If you are looking for:

  • a way to reach more clients
  • serve those that want more drama in their lashes
  • Give people more fullness and VA VA VOOM
  • make more money in your business
  • stand out from the competition and make your clients return again and again
  • ... then Volume Lashes are what you need.

    This course is specifically aimed at lash artists who are passionate about becoming Masters, putting in the work, and learning to create stunning sets that will make a name for themselves.

    Volume Lashing is the NEXT LEVEL UP and requires skill and patience. It is very different to Classic Lashing and only confident classic lash artists should start with Volume.

    PLEASE NOTE: Within this Kick Start Bundle we recommend you finish your Classic Training first before moving onto Volume Lashes.

    Russian Volume Course Content

  • Classic vs. Volume
  • Eye Shapes and Styling
  • Style Guide and mapping
  • Volume Tweezer 101
  • Products and Set up
  • Patch testing
  • Important Fanning Preparation, 8 Volume Fanning techniques
  • 8 Volume Fanning techniques
  • Dipping the Fan and Saving a Split Fan
  • Patch testing
  • Attaching on Practice Lashes/ Wrapping Lash Cleansing and Prep Pads and Taping Techniques Speed and Methodical Application

    BONUS 1

    $700 Starter Lash Kit with everything you need to do your first 25+ clients. The kit will be shipped to your front door.

    BONUS 2

    24/7 On demand VIP Facebook Group for ongoing, lifetime support. Hang out wth like-minded, experienced lash artsist from all over the world. Valued at $499/year!

    BONUS 3

    Includes learning material, PDFs, E-book, Manual, Video Bundles and printouts.Valued at $400!


    The Beginner Kickstarter Bundle includes the following courses:

    • Classic. Beginners Course
    • Russian Volume Course
    • Sales and Business Course

    & offers comprehensive tools and materials essential for anyone starting their journey in lash application.

    This also includes a full $700 Kit with a variety of lashes, adhesives, and application tools, along with detailed instructional guides to help you master basic techniques.

    Yes, we offer several options. On this page, you can check out using Afterpay and Zip. :-) For any other payment plan enquiried, please email

    Absolutely! With Lash tribe, you can do the online training in your own time.

    Once you have signed up for any of our online courses, you will receive an email with your login details to our Learning Platform ” Lash Tribe Academy”.

    All courses are found within the platform and are pre-recorded Videos in HD.

    You simply follow along with your kit and practice mannequin head that you have received from us.

    You are also given access to our 24/7 on demand support group and email support.

    All of our online courses are NALA accredited and meet Australian standards. Our course provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a lash artist in 2024. While specific requirements may vary by region, our curriculum is designed to meet industry standards in Australia and Canada and some US States.

    Yes, All of our courses are NALA Accredited, ensuring that you receive quality education that is recognized within the industry.

    Yes! with this course you will actually receive 2 Certificates after you have completed all modules and models successfully.

    As this is designed for self-paced learning, the duration of the course varies depending on your pace of learning.

    However, most students complete the classic course within a weeks to a few months, allowing for flexible learning.

    We offer continuous support through our online forums, live Q&A sessions, and direct access to instructors via email for any course-related queries.

    Yes! Our course not only teaches lash application techniques but also covers aspects of starting and managing your own lash business. All you need to do is get insurance and set up your lash room.

    The cost of the Kickstart Bundle is a one-time fee, which includes all course materials.

    There are no ongoing subscription fees or additional costs for course completion.

    The time it takes to learn lash application can vary based on individual learning pace and prior experience.

    Our Kickstart Bundle is designed to be self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own comfort.

    Typically, students can grasp the basics within a few days to a week of dedicated practice, but becoming proficient may take several weeks to months of practice and study.

    We provide comprehensive training materials and practice exercises to ensure you gain confidence and skill in lash application efficiently.

    Lash Tribe. We confidently stand at the forefront of online lash training.

    Our courses, especially the renowned Kickstart Bundle, are meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and advanced artists, offering an unparalleled learning experience.

    Here's why Lash Tribe leads the pack:

    Expertise and Experience: Our trainers are seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience. They don't just teach - they inspire and mentor. Since 2010.

    Comprehensive Curriculum: We cover everything from basic techniques to advanced styles, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for all our students.

    Flexible Learning: Our online platform allows you to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. This flexibility is perfect for those balancing other commitments.

    Quality Materials: The Kickstart Bundle includes high-quality tools and materials, ensuring you practice with the best in the industry.

    Accreditation and Recognition: Our courses are NALA accredited and recognized by leading industry bodies, adding credibility to your qualification.

    Supportive Community: Join a thriving community of Lash Tribe graduates, a network of passionate professionals for continuous support and networking.

    Business Skills: Beyond technical skills, we provide insights into starting and managing your own lash business, setting you up for success in the beauty industry.

    Satisfaction Guarantee: We're committed to your satisfaction, offering a refund policy if the course doesn't meet your expectations.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Suman Bala

    Lash Tribe KICK START Bundle | 3 Courses in 1

    Mikayla Mennillo
    New starter/Learning virtually

    So far my course has been extremely detailed.
    Each new question that comes to mind is answered before I need to ask. Every basis really has been covered and although I was hesitant about studying virtually, I’m looking forward to practicing on my girls and building my business and introducing lashes to my clients! The only thing I have found difficult is practicing on the doll as the doll lashes are a little unrealistically long compared to what most natural lashes would be like. But it does give you a good feel for learning to isolate the lashes.

    Thi Xuan Dieu Le
    Very informative

    So far the course materials are well presented and engages a sense of humour from the presenters. Be sure to take down lots of notes. Amazing!

    bhagyashri Nilkhe
    Everything is appropriate

    Best quality products.
    Can’t wait to use them.

    Rebekah Nunn

    Presentation is amazing! Definitely kick starting my lash adventure with this bundle!!!

    Elizabeth Ramos
    Just wow

    I’ve been wanting to take in person lash courses, but due to COVID I decided to find something online. This course so far has blown me away with how much information it provides. Each module is very detailed that in my opinion I don’t think a one time class would offer. Super grateful!

    Sam c
    Still not received

    I can’t review the kit as Iv still not received it so I’m putting the breaks on the course until I have the kit! I know it’s out of your control fingers crossed it appears soon and I can start my journey

    Tara Wilkins
    So happy

    This has been a great online course to do especially with covid and how uncertain it is living on the boarder with travel. Doing it when the kids are at school or busy has been a life saver. Would recommend 😊

    Sarah Ritchie
    Starter kit

    Awesome kit

    Maddison Williams
    Great product!

    Love this kit