Top 3 Strategies for Accelerating Growth in Your Lash Business

Ever found yourself wondering how to stay focused, complete tasks effectively, and scale your lash business? Want to know the secret to boosting profits in your Eyelash Extensions venture through enhanced efficiency?

With these 3 tips you can grow any business, starting today. For real. 

Is this You?

You begin a task, then suddenly, another idea strikes, and you're off on a tangent. You're left with a pile of unfinished projects. This is typical for creative minds brimming with business concepts, all while juggling the demands of everyday life.

Daily, the paperwork piles up, the kids' rooms are a cluttered mess, and that crucial lash supply order gets perpetually postponed on your to-do list. And let's not forget the challenge of providing "healthy and nutritious" meals for your family amidst the chaos. So, you resort to takeout, greeted warmly by the familiar face at the Indian restaurant – a relatable, albeit slightly amusing, scenario.

I used to be in the same boat. Overwhelmed, unorganized and Inefficient and frustrated because of it..

For years, I grappled with "Shiny Object Syndrome" – the allure of new, exciting ideas that often led me astray. Admittedly, this challenge still surfaces occasionally, but I've honed my ability to stay focused and manage it effectively.


Here's a glimpse into my journey...


In my business endeavors, I aimed to excel in multiple areas, embodying the 'jack of all trades' persona, constantly overflowing with innovative concepts. This often left my husband bewildered, and all the while, I had a family to manage.


My entrepreneurial path has always been rooted in beauty – from hairdressing and beauty therapy to network marketing. I've ventured into wedding hair & makeup, developed my own makeup brand, specialized in lashes, and even dived into cosmetic tattooing. Sound relatable?


But, did this diverse journey truly lead to success? Was it helping me to increase profits in my Eyelash Extensions business? The truth is, it led to overwhelm, irritability, disorganization, and even bouts of depression. I realized I was burdening myself with too much.

If this sounds like you.....

Maybe it's time you

Maybe it's time you took a step back and re-evaluated what is really your passion?

Is that you want to be good in everything REALLY what you want?  What would your family life be like?

Or are you jealous of others that can do something and you HAVE to try and do it as well? I get it. I was there...and I decided, after a mayor midlife-crisis, that I needed to focus on one thing. 

And that's how Lash Tribe was born.

My Lash Business Thrived. 

Lash Tribe 2024: The Premier FREE Lash Support Community on Facebook. If you're not a member yet, join our thriving group here.

Deciding to focus on a singular aspect of my business was pivotal. However, the growth of my lash business wasn't just due to this single decision. It was a combination of several factors. To aid you in your entrepreneurial journey, I want to share the top three tips that have significantly improved efficiency and profitability in my lash enterprise.

  1. Develop and Adhere to Strategic Plans and Lists: Prioritize tasks and tackle them one at a time to maintain focus and direction in your business endeavors.
  2. Consistency is Key in Your Lash Business: Regular and reliable actions build a solid foundation for long-term success and customer trust.
  3. Balance Hard Work with Self-Care: Dedication to your business is crucial, but it's equally important to prioritize your well-being to sustain energy and creativity.
You will see what can grow from it. Amazing things! 

1. The 1st thing is to stay on top of everything.

Be organised, plan ahead and make lists.

The primary step towards success in any business, especially in the dynamic world of eyelash extensions, is maintaining top-notch organization and forward planning. As someone who's been through the journey, let me share a tried and tested approach that has worked wonders for me.

I then broke down my list to weekly and daily tasks. Every day I write on my to do list the things that need to be done by me in order to move forward and make money. 

Lash Business

Here is a monthly planner for 2024 you can download.

I then move onto the things that need to be done in the house. Sometimes I outsource things, like a cleaner ever 2 weeks.

This gives me 4 more hours to work on building my business.

Make yourself a list of thing that you can outsource. How much does a cleaner cost per hour? How much could you make in an hour if you saw a client instead? What do you think is more profitable? You have my answer. I have a cleaner much does a cleaner cost per hour? How much could you make in an hour if you saw a client instead? What do you think is more profitable? You have my answer. I have a cleaner. Lash Business

You can always make more money... but you can never make more time. That's why time is always more valuable to me. 

2. The Effectiveness of Lists in Enhancing Lash Business Success. Lash Business

Underestimating the power of lists is a common oversight in business management, particularly in the ever-evolving lash industry. However, they are instrumental in focusing your efforts on the most lucrative projects. The key is to identify projects with the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Consider this example: If you have one project that requires 10 hours of work and yields $1000, versus another project that earns you $200 with just 1 hour of preparation, the choice becomes clear. By investing the same 10 hours in the second project, your earnings could potentially reach $2000. This demonstrates the importance of prioritizing projects based on their profitability and efficiency.

Moving forward, I encourage you to begin integrating lists, plans, and ROI calculations into your business strategy. Remember, investment isn’t just about monetary expenditure; it’s also about the value of your time. What is your time worth to you?

Once you’ve established a plan, the next step is to adhere to it consistently. I recommend monthly evaluations of your priorities to ensure you're focusing on the activities that yield the highest ROI. This method is not just a theory; it’s a proven approach that works effectively in the lash business sector. By applying these strategies, you can optimize your time and resources, leading to greater profitability and success in your eyelash extension business.


Once you have mapped out a plan, be consistent and follow it through. I would re-evaluate on a monthly bases if you are prioritising the things that bring you the most ROI. And yes, it works. 


3. Balancing Hard Work, Smart Strategies, and Self-Care in 2024

Self-explanatory. Make sure you work whenever and wherever you can when you have it planned. 

It's clear that time spent productively is key to business growth. While leisure activities like watching Netflix might be relaxing, they don't contribute to your business's bottom line. If anyone has managed to monetize such leisure, they're an outlier. Focus your work hours on planned, purposeful activities that directly contribute to your business's success.

Please only work hard on the things that make sense and give you results. Work on one project at a time. Don't get side tracked.

In the world of lash entrepreneurship, multitasking often leads to diminished outcomes. Concentrate on one project at a time. This focused approach prevents distractions and leads to more significant, effective results. Remember, scattering your efforts across multiple tasks at once is less likely to bring the success you're aiming for. Prioritize, focus, and execute one project before moving on to the next.

Working on a lot of things at the same time will never bring you the results you want. FOCUS ON 1. 

Never underestimate the importance of self-care in the demanding world of business. Allocate time for breaks, ensure you're eating well, staying hydrated, and taking moments to relax. Even simple acts like taking a short break, enjoying a book, or savoring a cup of tea can make a big difference. Regular self-care prevents burnout and keeps you at your best, both personally and professionally.

These three strategies provide a solid foundation for growing and scaling your lash business. Your efficiency, focus, and wellbeing are all critical components of this journey. I hope you find these insights valuable and applicable to your own lash business. If you've gained something from this, please leave a comment below. Your feedback is always appreciated!

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