USB Nanomister


Gorgeous Pearl white Nano-mister ( USB Charger) & Precision Dropper Bottle re-fill the Nano-mister. 

Why use a Nano Mister? 

Using a Nano Mister during and after the application of  Eyelash Extensions  will help to regulate humidity, curing time of the lash glue and also take away sensitivity the clients may experience.


You know those moments when the lashes just wont stick or slide off again? This is the perfect situation to turn on your Nano and lightly mist the eye area.

Stay away about 20 cm and disperse the super small water particles around the face for a few seconds.

Your humidity level will go up and will make for a much nicer lashing experience.

I like to finish off the procedure with the nano mister. This will refresh the client, cure the rest of the glue and make any lingering fumes of the lash glue disappear... so that the client experiences less stinging. :-)

Refill the Nano-mister ONLY with distilled or de-mineralised water.