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  • Our Faux Mink Lashes come in 12 Styles as seen below.
  • Our Strong Hold Magic Liner comes in black and clear.

So, how does it work? Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner uses Bidirectional Film Forming Technology to create the ultimate hold for false lashes. This film-forming agent is known as a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive).

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are a type of non-reactive adhesive which forms a bond when light pressure is applied with a surface. PSA’s also display elastic properties that enable re-sticking!

This functionality allows you to re-apply or adjust your lash if you first apply it incorrectly. This revolutionary and remarkable film-forming capacity toward both surfaces ensures a unique and reliable bond between the liner and lashes.

This Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner has been designed to be used in conjunction with Silk Faux Mink Lashes. Silk Faux Mink Lashes are 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free and offer a luxurious full finish with both subtle and dramatic styles available to cover all occasions. Enjoy an ultra-lightweight feel and the confidence of a secure lash all day! Plus, store and re-use your lashes multiple times in your Silk Faux Mink Lash mirror compact case.

    • Fast & Fuss-Free Lash Application
    • Bidirectional Film Forming Technology creates a re-stickable bond, making readjustment easy
    • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free
    • Alcohol, Fragrance & Essential Oil-Free
    • Wind and water-resistant stronghold
    • Precision felt tip liner for easy lining


How many times can I use my lashes? Strip lashes are designed to be reused multiple times as long as the wearer is careful when removing, stores correctly and cleans the lash band before re-using.

Can I cut the lashes to a smaller size? Yes absolutely! We actually recommend doing this to ensure the lash band fits your personal eye shape and size. This will prevent the lash lifting.

Is the liner hard to apply? Honestly, it’s as easy as drawing a line. Many of our customers have found this the easiest lash application method they’ve tried to date! If you aren’t confident in drawing black eyeliner with a pen, the Clear Lash Bond Liner Adhesive is perfect for you! The clear film dries transparent so you can’t see if you mess up!

Are Silk lashes Vegan Friendly? They sure are! Silk Faux Mink Lashes are made from a synthetic fibre ensuring they are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. Our Strong Hold Lash Bond Liners are also Vegan and Cruelty Free formulas.

What colour is the liner? We have both black and clear options available for both liner and liner-free looks.

How long will the liner last? Firstly, make sure you always put the lid back on, as this will avoid the pen drying out and will last longer. It’s hard to give an exact number of uses as it really depends how generously each user applies… but this liner has before lasted up to 100 uses.

Most natural lash styles? Paris, Tokyo, Santorini, Vienna, London.

Most dramatic lash styles? Dubai, Vegas, LA, Mykonos, Barcelona, Cairo.

Wispy lash styles? LA, Dubai, Mykonos, Barcelona, Paris, Vienna.




Step 1: Ensure your eye area is clean and free from oils and creams.

Step 2: Shake Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner well before use and prepare your Silk Faux Mink Lashes by trimming them to size. It’s best to trim your Silk Faux Mink Lashes from the outside of the band as trimming from the centre can compromise how the lash curve fits. This step is important as if the lash band is too large it can lift more easily.

Step 3: Apply a generous amount (2-3 layers) of Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner by drawing a line along the eye’s lash line. Make sure you are thorough and don’t miss any spots to ensure the edge of the Silk Faux Mink Lash band bonds securely. You may choose to also apply additional Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner to the actual Silk Faux Mink Lash band itself for extra hold. Don’t forget to cover the lash band tips!

Step 4: Wait 30 seconds for the Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner to set and become tacky before attaching the Silk Faux Mink Lash.

Step 5: Press your Silk Faux Mink Lash band into place along the Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner.


Carefully peel off Silk Faux Mink Lashes after use and store safely for reuse. When removing, gently lift the lash band off your skin from the inner corner, never pull on the lashes to remove. Then simply use a cleanser such as Silk Oil of Morocco’s Gel Cleansing Facial Wash to remove the Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner. You can also use makeup remover or wipes.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Butylene Glycol, PEG-3 SORBITAN OLEATE, STEARETH-21, Dimethicone, Octyldodecanol, PVP, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, CALENDULA OFFICINALIS, SALVIA OFFICINALIS, Arginine, CI 77266 (D&C Black 2). Made in China.

WARNING: Do not use Silk Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner if there are wounds on the skin. Stop using the product if allergic reaction occurs. Cap the liner after use to prevent the tip from drying out. Keep the product away from children.

RETURNS POLICY: Silk Faux Mink Lashes are reusable and are considered a hygienic product. Silk Oil of Morocco and Lash Tribe take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously. Therefore we do not offer refunds or exchanges for Faux Mink Lashes. Refunds will only be honored if the Silk Faux Mink Lashes are deemed faulty after inspection from our Quality Assurance Department.


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Mink lashes

Love them ❤️

Lovely lashes

Very nice and soft easy to put on love them


I havnt tried them yet as I am waiting on my magnified mirror so I can see what I'm the lashes look beautiful. I will let u know when I try I have no where to where them with this lockdown so I will save them for when Melbourne is free

Faux lashes

Best lashes I’ve ever bought. Love them


Faux Mink Lashes and Strong Bond Magic Liner


Faux Mink Lashes and Strong Bond Magic Liner

Love them

These are super easy to use. Feel and look great. Will definitely be buying more and have already recommended to all my friends

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