6 Tips on How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer


Remember, a hygrometer only measures humidity; it doesn’t adjust it. If you find the humidity levels are too low, causing the lash extensions to dry slowly, there are several solutions to consider for better lash retention:  



Maximizing Eyelash Extension Durability: 2024's Expert Guide
Today, I would like to talk about a topic that is probably one of the most talked about within the eyelash extension industry.ow to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Lash Retention 

Here are my TOP 6 reason why your retention might suck: 


1.Unregulated Surroundings

Are you ensuring the ideal environment for lash application at Lash Tribe in Teneriffe? This includes the perfect temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Understanding this is crucial for lash longevity. Unlike common misconceptions, lash glue doesn't dry with air exposure. It's not about using a fan to dry the lashes after application. The key is in the glue's reaction to moisture, a process called polymerization. When exposed to humidity, the glue hardens, securing the eyelash extensions.

If the environment in your lash studio is highly humid, the glue sets faster. However, a too humid setting can be tricky. If you're not quick enough in the application process, your clients might experience premature lash loss, typically within two to four days.

That happens a lot and people say, How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

"I have just started eyelash extensions and every time I do a set, the clients come back to me and say, 'Oh, my lashes have fallen out.'"

One of the first things to consider at Lash Tribe in Teneriffe is whether your humidity levels are ideal for lash extensions. It's crucial to consult with your glue manufacturer or supplier to determine the best humidity and room temperature for the adhesive you're using. A practical tool for this is a hygrometer, which helps you monitor the humidity levels in your lash studio.

Remember, a hygrometer only measures humidity; it doesn’t adjust it. If you find the humidity levels are too low, causing the lash extensions to dry slowly, there are several solutions to consider for better lash retention:

  • boil a kettle while it's open
  • buy a humidifier
  • Use a Nebuliser
  • Soak two cotton rounds in water , squeeze out the access and out them under the eyes.

At Lash Tribe in Teneriffe, we focus on every detail to ensure the best eyelash extension experience. A crucial tool in our process is the nebulizer. This device emits an extremely fine mist with tiny particles that won't settle on top of the lashes. Instead, this mist penetrates the lash, aiding in faster and more effective curing of the lash glue.

If you find that the air in your lash studio isn't humid enough, using a nebulizer can be a game-changer. However, it's important to choose one with the right particle size. Ideally, the particle size should be no larger than five micrometers. This specification is usually mentioned on the packaging. Selecting the correct particle size is crucial because larger particles can lead to what's known as shock curing.

Shock curing happens when the glue cures too rapidly, resulting in a blooming effect. This can compromise the bond between the extension and the natural lash, making it fragile and prone to cracking. It's a delicate balance, as over-curing from excessive humidity can also lead to premature lash loss.



Then if you have the perfect humidity for your glue but your glue is still setting too fast, that means you're working a little bit too slow and you just have to become a little bit faster, so you need to practise lashing as much as you can, obviously. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

If your room is too humid, the only two options that you can use.

1. Installing Air Conditioning: This can help reduce humidity, but be cautious. Lowering the temperature too much can slow down the glue setting process. The ideal temperature in lash studios typically ranges from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Keeping within this range is crucial for optimal glue setting.

2. Managing Extreme Conditions: On the flip side, if the temperature and humidity are too high, the glue may set too quickly. Conversely, if they are too low, you might find yourself waiting longer for the glue to dry. This delay can lead to sticky lashes, where neighboring lashes stick together because the glue hasn't set fast enough. It's a delicate balance — you don't want lashes sticking to each other or the glue not drying adequately.

Buy a dehumidifier.

These are quite big and they are a few hundred dollars depending on where you get them. These are really the only two options to have. Maybe even a window opened if it's really dry outside, but it wouldn't be humid in your room if it wasn't also humid outside. Usually, when it's rained and it's really humid and muggy and really yucky outside, then your lash room automatically will be more humid as well. 

2. Poor Lash Prep

A common oversight we address at Lash Tribe in Teneriffe is inadequate lash preparation. Proper lash prep is crucial for the longevity and quality of eyelash extensions. This means diligently using an eyelash extension cleanser on your clients for every application — not just for new sets but also for refills.

It's easy to become complacent, especially when you have a busy schedule. However, skipping this step can significantly impact the durability of the lash extensions. The cleanser removes any oils, dirt, or makeup residue, ensuring a clean surface for the extensions to adhere to. This not only enhances the bond between the natural lash and the extension but also contributes to the overall health and appearance of the lashes.

We get lazy and we think,

"I'll just put eye pads on and use a little bit of primer,"

but that's not enough. We need to: How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

  1. Clean with a proper lash cleanser
  2. Rinse with saline solution or sterilised water
  3. Apply a primer

If the client has really oily skin, which is another reason why we have premature lash loss, sometimes they have quite large pores and and oily T-zone.

Half of those clients may not always be suitable for lashes and their lashes may not last as long. If you know that you have a really oily skin client, I always recommend to prime. I don't always prime but with really oily skin clients I prime a lot and do tell them as well that their lashes may not last as long and they will have to come back more for refills on a regular basis, every week or every 10 days, instead of coming every two or three weeks.

3. Clients Aftercare How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

A key factor often overlooked in the longevity of eyelash extensions is client aftercare. At Lash Tribe in Teneriffe, we emphasize the importance of proper aftercare routines. If a client neglects aftercare, their lashes may not last as long as expected. Common issues include the use of mascara, which can weigh down and damage the extensions, or oily skincare products that can weaken the glue's bond.

It's crucial to educate your clients on how to maintain their lashes properly. A good aftercare routine involves avoiding oil-based products near the eyes and being gentle with the lashes during cleansing. Providing clear instructions and recommendations can make a significant difference in how long their eyelash extensions last.

HERE is a great video and blog post on how to clean your own lashes properly. Share this one with your clients :-)


4.Old Lash Glue How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

At Lash Tribe in Teneriffe, we understand that the freshness of lash glue plays a vital role in the longevity of eyelash extensions. One common reason for premature lash fallout is using glue that isn't fresh enough. Fresh lash glue typically performs best within the first one to two weeks of opening. As time passes, especially after three to four weeks, the glue can begin to polymerize inside the bottle due to repeated exposure to air and humidity with each opening and closing.

To check if your lash glue is still fresh, try holding the bottle upside down and squeeze out a small amount. Fresh lash glue should have a thinner consistency. If it comes out stringy and thick, especially if it's over three to four weeks old, it's a sign that the glue is no longer at its best. Using old glue on lashes can lead to poor adhesion, resulting in extensions that don't last as long as they should.

5.Not enough glue used/poor application

A key aspect we emphasize at Lash Tribe in Teneriffe is the importance of applying the right amount of glue for eyelash extensions. Insufficient glue application can lead to weak bonding, causing the extensions to fall out prematurely. It's crucial to practice and perfect your lashing technique to ensure each extension is securely bonded.

The attachment process requires precision. The artificial lash should be flush and parallel to the natural lash, attaching along the first quarter of the lash for optimal bonding. If the extension is applied crookedly or not in line with the natural lash, it compromises the bond, leading to a shorter lifespan of the lash extensions.

Additionally, avoid attaching the lashes at odd angles or with minimal contact. A robust bond is achieved when a sufficient amount of glue is used, allowing more surface area of the extension to adhere to the natural lash. This ensures the lashes stay in place longer and maintain their intended appearance.

6. Lash Shedding

At Lash Tribe in Teneriffe, we often address concerns about lash longevity due to natural lash shedding, a factor beyond our immediate control. For instance, if a client returns after a few weeks with significantly fewer lashes on one eye, several factors could be at play.

Firstly, application speed might be an issue. If you're right-handed, for example, you might apply lashes to the right eye more quickly than to the left. This discrepancy in speed can affect the durability of the extensions. It's essential to maintain consistent speed and efficiency on both eyes.

However, another common cause of uneven lash loss is a natural lash shedding cycle, often influenced by seasonal changes or hormonal factors. Clients undergoing hormone replacement therapy, using growth hormones for their eyes, or even experiencing stress can experience more pronounced lash shedding. Each lash undergoes its own growth cycle, which can result in uneven shedding across the eyes.

It's crucial to be aware of these factors when assessing lash extension longevity. At Lash Tribe in Teneriffe, we emphasize the importance of fresh glue, optimal room temperature and humidity, thorough cleansing, and educating clients on proper aftercare. Understanding and adapting to the natural lash shedding process is part of providing top-notch service and ensuring client satisfaction with their lash extensions. xxx

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