Eye Shapes and Styling Training Manual (Hardcopy)

The Lash Tribe® Eye shapes and Styling Manual is a great tool for any Lash Artist.

The 24 page, full color and illustrated manual is A4 and will be shipped to you as a hard copy. 

    • The 10 different Eye Shapes
    • The 6 Main Styles/Effects
    • How to use each Style and map it out
    • How to use the different Curls within your Design
    • How Eyebrow Shapes effect the Styling we choose
Finally you will be able to tell what kind of lashes would suit your client the best and how you can correct certain eye shapes to make them look more appealing.

 Fix a droopy eye? No problem!

Make a small eye look larger? Yes, we can do that! 

Learn all about curls and their uses on different eye shapes, as well as which styles are best used for several eyebrow shapes.

Jepp. Eyebrows play a major part in lashing as well and not many manuals include this.

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