0.05 | 6D Instant Fans™ -Pre-made Russian Volume Fans


Pre-made Volume Fans are very easy to apply. And our new 6D Instant Fans have 160 Lashes within the tray. 

Although we are advocates of learning Russian Volume lashes properly, pre-made fans have many advantages!

  • You can save time and also practice your transitioning from classic to Volume.
  • Mix in a few Volume Fans to make a classic set fuller, fill in gaps and speed up the whole process.

(Make sure you learn about safe lash application and which D Fan you can use on a natural lash.)

We have educational Videos about this as well on our youtube channel

Our famous, JET BLACK, PRE-MADE VOLUME FANS come in a variety of D's per fan, diameter, as well as length. We have full length trays, as well as mixed trays available. 

  • 0.05, 0.07
  • 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D short stem, medium to wide fan.
  • C and D curl
  • Each fan is perfectly spaced and even
  • Our Fans remove with ease from the lash tray, unlike many other brands.
  • Trays have 16 lines. 160 Fans per tray.
  • Our 0.05 range uses the tiniest amount of clear bonding agent to keep the base together. 
★ Reviews

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303 reviews

After watching the video several times, I decided to order Fan Me as battling with an air conditioner during summer, no matter how many plants and humidifiers I have around my work is subsequently slowed down waiting for my fan to dry enough so it doesn’t close up as I apply It to the lash. Was so excited when I applied fan me on several different lash sets today to find it works incredibly well, cut down my set time and took the frustration out of fans closing up! It’s an amazing product and incredibly good value when one uses so little of it. It will go a long way! Amazing and I will never be without this!

Super good

It works really Great in high or low humidity (i found for myself from 40-70 ). Best retention and the drying time is perfectly matched with my speed, non-sticky at all.

Glamcor Classic Revolution X

Look no further! If you are wondering if this product is worth the buy it absolutely is. I was hesitant at first but after doing some research on the product itself. When I had received my light it was well packed and protected.

The light overall worked amazing 😍
The only 1 thing is that when I turned on my light to the 4th setting it made a buzzing sound I’m not sure if this was normal or not?
But the buy was worth it ✨

reusable carbon filter mask & carbon filters

So happy with what I received! Within the first few minutes of using the mask I noticed a difference compared to other mask I have used. Absolutely comfortable to use and is adjustable near the ear so you can fit the string to your liking.

Love these! Stay in-tact whilst taking them out of the tray and are durable aswell

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