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10D 0.03 Premium Instant Fans | Skinny Base


The latest Lash Technology on the market to date!

Our NEW 10D 0.03 Premium Instant Fans™ 

  • The most luxurious Pre-made fans on the market to date
  • 440 fans per tray of our 0.03 10D Fans 😍
  • High end quality for high end lash artists
  • Super Skinny bases that attach beautifully to the natural lash
  • Amazing retention.
  • Soft, premium Korean PBT fibre
  • 100% Hand made, heat bonded fans
  • No extra weight from glue
  • Extremely light weight
  • Wide fluffy fans to cover the sparsest of lashes
  • Foil backing for easy removal from lash tiles. No residue
  • Mixed trays include 7mm-14mm
  • Full lengths trays available in 7-14mm
  • Eco 🌿friendly cardboard packaging 

Create stunning full set of lashes with 10D 0.03 in half the time of a Russian Volume Set, with perfectly even spaced, fluffy fans. 

Your clients won't wanna go back to your old pre-made fans. 

These are premium quality fans and you can charge premium prices for a set of lashes you are doing with our fans. 

With 440 fans per tray, you are able to create 3-4 FULL Set of lashes with the 1 tray.




What natural lashes can you use our Premium fans on?

You can extend your clients natural lashes by 2-3mm per natural lash.

If you clients inner corner lashes are 4-5 mm, use our 7mm 10D fan on those.

Using 10D fan in 0.03 lashes is the equivalent to using a 0.15 or 0.18 lash on a clients natural lash. Make sure the clients natural lashes are string enough to usually hold a 0.15 lash. 

How to pick up our lashes:

With a pair of Volume Tweezers, pick up right at the lowest part of the base and gently lift upwards. 

Now replace the fan on the tape, right at the very top and grab the fan in the middle, dip and place. 


We ship worldwide with some delays due to covid.

Some strips within your tray may be slightly colored differently. This is due to the high temperature of the oven the curls are "baked"/set in. The color of the lashes is not affected and is still a deep black.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I really need to get my hands on a mixed tray D. Please let me know when they are in stock. Also.. do you have a US distributor? I’m in CA. Thanks❤️


I absolutely love these fans . Easy to retrieve and they are easy to apply . Look amazing and clients are loving them .

Premium fans .03 x 10D, 12, 13, 14 etc.

So amazing, very light and easy to apply. Great for clients with very few lashes. it's nice to apply layers short and then long so it looks long without the weight. Very happy with these lashes and placing another order. Thank you, Marseille Spa/Lash & Facial Lounge

Love these lashes

Thank you they are so great to work with I just love this product

10D lash book

Love the lashes! They are Black but have a blue sheen to them. Easy to use.

Awesome 10D lashes

These lashes are all they say they are. Soft, fluffy and super easy to use. Thanks Lash tribe. Love them

So Beautiful 10D

Beautiful soft dark lashes, thin base and just overall stunning lashes.


Lashes look like high quality.

I have just found my new lash brand!

Beautiful lashes to work with, easy to get pick up and the end result is stunning. Clients are loving they are so light to wear.


Love them they are awesome

★ Judge.me Reviews

Let customers speak for us

305 reviews

I absolutely love Fan me! It is amazing how it affected my lashing - it sped up my lashing process so much. Will definitely keep using it, must have product!!!


After watching the video several times, I decided to order Fan Me as battling with an air conditioner during summer, no matter how many plants and humidifiers I have around my work is subsequently slowed down waiting for my fan to dry enough so it doesn’t close up as I apply It to the lash. Was so excited when I applied fan me on several different lash sets today to find it works incredibly well, cut down my set time and took the frustration out of fans closing up! It’s an amazing product and incredibly good value when one uses so little of it. It will go a long way! Amazing and I will never be without this!

Super good

It works really Great in high or low humidity (i found for myself from 40-70 ). Best retention and the drying time is perfectly matched with my speed, non-sticky at all.

Glamcor Classic Revolution X

Look no further! If you are wondering if this product is worth the buy it absolutely is. I was hesitant at first but after doing some research on the product itself. When I had received my light it was well packed and protected.

The light overall worked amazing 😍
The only 1 thing is that when I turned on my light to the 4th setting it made a buzzing sound I’m not sure if this was normal or not?
But the buy was worth it ✨

reusable carbon filter mask & carbon filters

So happy with what I received! Within the first few minutes of using the mask I noticed a difference compared to other mask I have used. Absolutely comfortable to use and is adjustable near the ear so you can fit the string to your liking.

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