Lash Storage Solutions

These Lash Storage Solutions keep your products safe. 

These keep the dust and dirt away all whilst looking really stylish in your salon.

Glue Storage Container-Glue Storage Container-Lash Tribe
Glue Storage Container
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Glam Lash Tile-Glam Lash Tile-Lash Tribe
Glam Lash Tile
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Tweezer Stand-Tweezer Stand-Lash Tribe
Tweezer Stand
from $24.00
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Magna Lash Box and Tile™-Magna Lash Box and Tile-Lash Tribe
Magna Lash Box and Tile™
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Glam Lash Box-Glam Lash Box-Lash Tribe
Glam Lash Box
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6 Slot Tweezer Case-6 Slot Tweezer Case-Lash Tribe
6 Slot Tweezer Case
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Large Lash Tribe Tweezer Case-Lash Tribe® Lash Organizer-Lash Tribe
Large Lash Tribe Tweezer Case
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Magnetic Tweezer Case-Magnetic Tweezer Case-Lash Tribe
Magnetic Tweezer Case
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Color Case
Tweezer Holder Display-Tweezer Holder Display-Lash Tribe
Tweezer Holder Display
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Lash Tile-Lash Tile-Lash Tribe
Lash Tile
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Lash Tribe® Lash Organizer-Lash Tribe® Lash Organizer-Lash Tribe
Lash Tribe® Lash Organizer
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