Classic Tweezers

Beautiful, classic design of various Eyelash Extensions Classic Tweezers

These selection are perfect for Classic Lashing!

These Tweezers have been hand-tested and are perfect for classic lashing.



Classic Silver Foot-Classic Silver Foot Tweezer-Lash Tribe
Classic Silver Foot
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Classic Plasma Tweezers-Classic Plasma Tweezers-Lash Tribe
Classic Plasma Tweezers
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Julia's Fave Classic Tweezers (Plasma)-Julia's Fave Classic Tweezers-Lash Tribe
Julia's Fave Classic Tweezers (Plasma)
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Classic Duo-Classic Duo-Lash Tribe
Classic Duo
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Color Case
Classic Isolation Tweezer-Classic Isolation Tweezer-Lash Tribe
Classic Isolation Tweezer
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Classic Set with Magnetic Case-Classic Set with Magnetic Case-Lash Tribe
Classic Set with Magnetic Case
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