Accessories And Other Lash Tools

These are accessories and tools that you can use when lashing. 

They make lashing more efficient, easier and ideal.

Tweezer Hero™️-Tweezer Hero-Lash Tribe
Tweezer Hero™️
from $12.95
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Plastic Squeeze Dropper Bottle-Plastic Squeeze Dropper Bottle-Lash Tribe
Plastic Squeeze Dropper Bottle
from $2.47
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Silicone Mascara Wands-Silicone Mascara Wands-Lash Tribe
Silicone Mascara Wands
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50ml Foamer Bottle-50ml Foamer Bottle-Lash Tribe
50ml Foamer Bottle
from $4.97
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Clear base
White base
Selfie Phone Ring Light-Selfie Phone Ring Light-Lash Tribe
Selfie Phone Ring Light
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USB Nanomister-USB NANO MISTER-Lash Tribe
USB Nanomister
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Practice Lashes-Practice lashes-Lash Tribe
Practice Lashes
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Lash Pillow Case-Lash Pillow Case-Lash Tribe
Lash Pillow Case
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Coco and Camila Cleansing Cloth -Limited Edition-Coco and Camila Cleansing Cloth-Lash Tribe
Coco and Camila Cleansing Cloth -Limited Edition
from $16.00
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Lashes & Latte T-Shirt-shirt-Lash Tribe
Lashes & Latte T-Shirt
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Digital Microscope-Digital Microscope-Lash Tribe
Digital Microscope
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Lash Tribe Cosmetic Bag-bag-Lash Tribe
Lash Tribe Cosmetic Bag
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Lash Tribe Diamond Pen-pen-Lash Tribe
Lash Tribe Diamond Pen
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Dream Big Lashes Cosmetic Bag-Dream Big Lashes Cosmetic Bag-Lash Tribe
Dream Big Lashes Cosmetic Bag
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Dental Mirror-Dental Mirror-Lash Tribe
Dental Mirror
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Lash Bed Stretch Cover-Lash Bed Stretch Cover-Lash Tribe
Lash Bed Stretch Cover
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